Frank Callahan - One Man Band

Frank Callahan has spent a lifetime with musical performance. He plays violin, keyboard, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, vocals. He has released no fewer than 11 albums with his family and "one-man band" series.
Also now available is his special DVD release which is featured regularly on Melbourne's Channel 31. A sample of which you can see here:

He has also re-recorded the original "Ballaarat" song composed, arranged and recored by Walter Bevan and Reg Stoneham in 1927. He and his family have written some beautiful songs including "The Begona Waltz" and "Along Sunraysia Way".
Frank holds special awards for his community service in Ballarat and district. He is a long time customer of Redwood Entertainment and Redwood Recording Studios and we are proud to include him as one of our clients.

His music is ideal for parties and guest spots, suited for mature aged audiences and he still regularly takes bookings and performs. Contact us for more information and details about Frank Callahan - One Man Band.

What we do - Frank Callahan One Man Band