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35mm Slide Scanning

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35mm slide scanning

Redwood Entertainment/DVD Memories now offer a top quality 35mm slide scanning and slides to DVD service. Using dedicated slide scanners and the very best in scanning software, we are able to offer great quality slide scans suitable for printing and DVD Slideshows. All scans include dust and scratch clean-up and adjustment of the image brightness and contrast to give the best possible result. This produces far superior scans than what is available from a domestic flat-bed scanner used for photographs and slides. There is an influx of "cheap" film/slide scanners in chain stores and online available for under $100. What sort of quality do these produce? Okay if you just want a quick job - normally there is no proper cleaning up of the image, the software provided fails to deliver what it should... and the resolution of the slide is far below par if you want quality for good prints. Blurry pixels and slightly fuzzy images is what you expect to get. Often they 'cheat' in resolution by using 'interpolation' to make you think you are getting a better scan than you really are. Remember - if you took your photos with a really cheap camera, then the image quality would not be the same as if you took the same photos will a very good camera - it's the same principle here - good lens, equipment and professional operators will make a difference to your slides. Our 35mm slide scanning service uses a dedicated computer system and high-end scanners. We offer a professional 35mm slide scanning service at an affordable price.

A slideshow is a wonderful way for you to view and present all those slides you have in your collection. They show on your TV screen and change automatically. You can even add music to play behind your slides - much better than getting the projector out for a family viewing.
The price for scanning include a JPG of the slides. These files are suitable for printing and archiving. So, you get jpg's and a DVD slide-show disc all in the one price

Prices: Slides are 60c each up to 1000 slides.
For quantities greater than 1000 - 50 cents each
A minimum charge of $20 applies to all scanning orders
We can also scan photos and prints to include in your presentation.
Prints from slides - no problems... Need the job urgently? Normally slides will take up to 2 weeks to complete your job, but we can do priority jobs if you need it. Contact us for more details concerning your project ideas. For the best 35mm slide scanning - trust Redwood Entertainment.

Slides are deteriorating as the years go by -
To preserve you memories and family history take advantage of our professional 35mm slides to DVD and 35mm slide scanning service now.