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Why pay ridiculous prices to get your precious memories transferred.

Contact us to find out just how much you will save. Our prices are
kept low to ensure everybody has a chance to save their memories before it is too late. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality service for the price in Australia. Give us call for a quote - you will wonder why you didn't call us earlier. Everyday new customers say to us, "Why are your prices so much cheaper than the competition?" Because we know we can offer the best service by keeping our production facilities out of the capital cities and pass the cost saving onto you.
How much will it cost? Click here to go to our Video Transfer Prices Page

Call or e-mail us today - We always try to answer the phones and messages as soon as possible, but forgive us if we can't take your call immediately.

Email: info@dvdmemories.com.au

Telephone - Regional:(03)533 44408 / Melbourne: (03)9095 2703
Mobile (0419)314 531