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Some Points to note about your Videotapes: Your children growing up, your wedding and all those memories you
thought were safely recorded on videtape and would last forever:
1. Videotapes have a Finite Life
2. Your personal videotapes will not be playable within 15 years.
3. The oxide will shed with age and the colour will fade even if you don’t play your tapes. Each time you play a tape you
lose some more quality
4. All or some of the information stored on videotape can be erased easily and be lost forever by careless handling e.g.
placing near a magnet or electrical source.
5. DVDs will last a minimum of 100 years, though some tests suggest in excess of 200 years.
6. DVDs are easier to use.
7. Did you know that while your videotapes are safely tucked away in your cupboard that they are deteriorating
9. VHS video tape is no longer being made and will only exist in your cupboard, 8mm High8 and Digital8 cameras are no
longer being produced and you won't be able to play these tapes if your camera dies.
Time is running out to save these videotapes and we get calls everyday from anxious customers asking can we rescue
these precious memories. Sometimes it is too late even for us... Don't let your videos become just fading memories -
have something that will last.
Have them professionally transferred now… Remember Beta?
Frequently Asked Questions
How much video can fit on a single DVD?
Up to 1 hr. at the highest quality - Up to 2 hr. at better than VHS/8mm Video quality.
What DVD players will play the DVD's you create?
We use Procopy and Verbatim DVD-R or DVD+R DL discs. Most home DVD players are compatiable with these. You
should check to ensure that your DVD player can play DVD-R or DVD+R DL.
What if my tape is longer than one disk?
We can easily transfer your footage to more than one DVD at a reduced cost.
How long will DVD video discs last ?
DVD discs do not deteriorate in quality, unlike video tapes. We use only the best discs ensuring that the life of your
recordings will keep. Cheap discs do not last.
What will be the quality on the disk?
The quality of the DVD will always be at least as good as the original, but generally with our superior equipment the
DVD will look better than the tape you sent to us. Most customers are delighted with the look of the transfers - These results are achieved with the best equipment and skill we can put into the job. We are confident that our results will satisfy even the most demanding client.
Will I get my videos/films back ?
Yes you will. They will still be playable - we don't destroy them in the process of making the DVD
What are "Chapters" ?
Chapter points are an index in your DVD. Chapters enable you to instantly access a particular segment of footage
simply by selecting them on the menu screen. This provide far superior access over a video tape where constant
rewinding & fast forwarding are required to pinpoint a particular scene.
What Video Formats Are Accepted for transfer/conversion ?
We accept VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Video 8, High 8, Digital 8, MiniDV, SD cards. We also can transfer regular
8mm and Super 8 films. We also scan 35mm slides and photos and can produce DVD slideshows and presentations for
Birthdays, parties, funerals or any occasion.
What Can I Expect For Turnaround Time?
Our aim is to complete your projects between 5-7 days after receiving them. This time period is subject to increase
at peak times of the year.
Do you have a shop/office where I can bring my videos ?
Yes we do - we welcome you to bring your videos/slides etc to our shop/Production Centre in Ballarat (239b Victoria Street, Ballarat - just 1hr 20m from Melbourne CBD), and we now have a 'drop-off' point at an office in Collingwood (Melbourne) for those who would like to deliver the slides/videos personally Contact us for details.
Now is the prefect time to have you precious memories transferred: Video to DVD and VHS to DVD, 35mm Slides to CD/DVD services
Would you like a quote???? We think our rates are some of the best you will find for professional transfer...See our Contact Page for details.