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Formats for Transfer:
VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, Betamax (Beta), U-Matic, Mini DV, Memory Cards, 35mm slides and Photos.
For more information about our 8mm/Hi8 Video to DVD services 8mm video to DVD

For information specifically about our VHS to DVD services VHS to DVD

To the important bit: For all Video to DVD Prices: Video to DVD Prices

For detailed information about slide scanning service and DVD Slideshows 35mm Slides to DVD

Film: Regular 8 and Super 8 - Using a dedicated single frame scan unit we offer affordable silent film transfer.
The 8mm regular/super 8 films cost is $15 per 50' (3inch) spool.(Minimum charge of $40 per order.) Film may have been spliced onto 200 spools ($50) or 400 spools ($80). Price is based on multiple spools on each DVD with chapters points between each spool and basic edit and clean-up of film.
Contact us for further details.

Redwood Entertainment offer a full video production service including 2 HD cameras wireless microphones, boom and shotgun mics, additional lighting, chroma-key screen, and editing services. This would be ideal for education, training and corporate video. Contact us to discuss your production needs.

We also produce a number of CD's and DVD's for local musicians. We are featuring Frank Callahan, the One Man Band, a senior musician from Ballarat. Frank is famous for his rendition of "The Ballarat Song" but on our website we feature a small video clip from his DVD for you to watch. One Man Band DVD

Converting to other standards and formats: We produce DVD's in both PAL and NTSC as well as
transferring memories to other video and audio
formats such as: WMV, AVI, QT, MP4, H.263, MOV, H.264, MP3 and almost any format that is in use today, and can advise you on the formats suitable for WEB and portable devices.
We can resize and reformat most videos to your

Redwood Entertainment are also duplicators and we
produce master CD's and DVD's for clients. Our services include mastering and artwork specification
production as well as CD and DVD booklet and disc
For further information about Film to DVD, Video to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, 35mm slides to DVD and other digital formats see the Contact page for email and telephone details.
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