What we do
8mm video to DVD
Slides to DVD
Beta to DVD
8mm Film Transfer
What We do

Video to DVD
35mm Slides to DVD

In order to get the best quality results from your
video tape, we transfer via a high quality player through a TBC (Time Base Corrector) to improve the stabilty and quality of the image. This is fed into our state-of-the-art computers and processed with maximum quality and care to ensure that the resulting digital transfer is at least, if not better, than the tape supplied to us. We do not use a domestic VCR/DVD combo to transfer your videos.
Our production staff have over 30 years experience in professional sound and vision and we are suitably qualified to handle your precious memories.

It's not just the equipment that makes the difference...

We can produce DVD's from the following sources:
8mm/Hi-8/Digital-8/ and VHS,VHS-C, SVHS
Mini DV and 3/4" U-matic and Betamax
We also offer PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL
conversions for tapes and discs purchased
overseas - or to send videos to family members in
other countries.
Super 8 and Regular 8 Film Transfers are also
available at very reasonable prices.
All prices include: Menu and Manual Chapter points and basic clean-up/edit of video tapes/films.
Discounts are available for larger orders.

We now also offer professional 35mm slides to DVD transfer using only top quality dedicated slide
scanners. This is ideal for DVD slideshows (and you
no longer have to get the projector out to view
your slides!)
DVD slideshow projects also include a FREE JPG disc of the slides suitable for printing.
For detailed information about our high quality 35mm slide scanning service and DVD Slideshows click on this link: Slides to DVD
For detailed information about Video to DVD Prices starting as low as $15 for Video transfers.
You may be suprised just how affordable it will be to preserve you life's history and memories.

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