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We will get the best results possible in transferring your memories from Video8 - 8mm video to DVD. In order to get the best quality from your video tape, we transfer via a high quality professional desktop 8mm (video8), Hi8, Digital8 player through a TBC (Time Base Corrector) and DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) to improve the stability and quality of the image. This is fed into our state-of-the-art computers and processed with maximum quality and care to ensure that the resulting DVD is the best possible.
A Little History : The 8 mm video format refers to three related videocassette formats. These are the original Video8 format and its improved successor Hi8, as well as a more recent digital format known as Digital8. The format was created and launched in 1984 by Eastman Kodak, but Kodak withdrew from the market very early before it was established. In 1985 Sony introduced the Handycam, one of the first Video8 cameras with commercial success. Much smaller than the competition's VHS and Betamax video cameras, Video8 became very popular. As with any media, they will eventually deteriorate and lose their recorded contents over time, resulting in a build up of image noise and dropouts. Tapes older than 15 years may start to show signs of degradation. Amongst other problems, they can become sticky and jam playback units or become brittle and snap. 8 mm video format. (2009, April 20). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

So what does this mean to you ? Well we guarantee we will produce the best transfers from any 8mm video format to DVD. No jerkiness, no non-professional "quickies" that leave your DVD's looking worse than the original 8mm videotape. The original Video8 will produce pictures better than any video from VHS tapes, and Hi8 was one of the best formats for high quality before the digital era. Don't settle for less than professional quality in your transfers - More people trust us to convert their 8mm video "life memories" to DVD than any other video production facility, and at a price that the others don't want to know about!.

We don't spend money on TV ads telling you we can - and then making you pay for the advertising... Contact us today for a quote - we're sure our quality will be the best and be better than you thought.

We can also produce DVD's from the following other sources: VHS/VHS-C/U-matic 3/4"/and Mini DV and Betamax. We also offer PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL conversions for tapes shot/made overseas - or to send videos to family members in other countries. There are many different standards of video and television throughout the world. Let us convert your videos to DVD and help make them playable for family members overseas. We get so many customers coming to us after sending family videos or DVDs to overseas countries saying "they can't play the DVD or they can't see the pictures".
In a few years you will not be able to get a picture off those all important memory videos anyway - You need to do something about it.

Our prices are very affordable and we offer generous discounts for bulk orders. What does it cost? Click here for Prices
That's why we are encouraging you to take advantage of our complete Video8 8mm to DVD
8mm video to DVD and Hi8 to DVD service now.

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