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Welcome to Redwood Entertainment. Your home of DVD Memories. We offer services in Video Production and transferring your wedding, holiday and birthday videos from VHS to DVD, VHS-C, 8mm Video to DVD, Hi8 video to DVD, Digital 8, and 35mm slides to DVD. Our business started as cdyastuff many years ago and is now the leading video restoration service.
Preserve your memories for years to come before they are just blank or unplayable video tapes that once contained your family history and important life events.
Redwood Entertainment is an industry leader in professional quality video production, video transfers and audio restoration. Our restoration and transfer facilities for your old precious vinyl records, audio cassettes and tapes have been highly regarded by professional and enthusiasts for many years and over the past 15 years we have become a leader in affordable and quality video transfers. We can also scan and transfer
35mm slides Prices and Information with professional quality results.

Redwood Entertainment's single frame-scan film transfer service is back. For more details and prices 8mm/Super8 Film Transfer.

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Redwood Entertainment has been involved in sound and video production for over 20 years, and we have clients all over Australia sending us videos and slides to transfer and preserve their memories. Find out why more are turning to us every day to save their video memories and collections, and why schools, hospitals and govt. agencies trust and prefer us to transfer their precious videos to DVD and to use our services in corporate and event video production.

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